Friday, April 12, 2019

Heritage assessment Essay Example for Free

hereditary pattern assessment EssayKizlik 2014 argues that the purpose of a nurture aim is to communicate, and that a well-constructed behavioral learning fair game should have little room for doubt about what is intended. Health professionals in designing educational programs to put away both patients as well as families, should be fitting to taper the task or objective to the specific patient and their family for them to be able to explain what you taught them and for them to be able to demonstrate it. On the Euromed information website, on Developing Learning Objectives. Retrieved from http// n.d. state that a simple and practical way of developing learning objectives is to start with the words, WHO, DOES WHAT, HOW and WHEN. For the purpose of this exercise the learning objective provide be for the patient and the family to be able to change an ostomy dish aerial in a patient with a newly formed colostomy. It is i mportant to view out from the patient and the family which learning styles work for them, example whether reading of pamphlets, one on one article of faith or visual aids. Also the condition or ability of the patient to perform the task, e.g. is the patient slopped and well enough to perform the task or are they too weak from being ill. In using the learning objectives cited above,WHO- will be the patient and familyDOES- list the components neededWHAT-changing a stoma bagHOW by performing task or stating how toWHEN- by dischargeThe Joint Commission on Accreditation of healthcare Organizations JCAHO as cited on the Euromed Info website on Family Structure and Style, retrieved from http// defines the family as the person or persons who play a significant role in the individuals life including persons not legally related to the individual. How a family functions influences the health of its members as well as how the individual re acts to illness retrieved from http// . In the light of this , having the family understand the rationale behind the treatment and steps on how to help the patient change this stoma bag will assist thepatient to be more confident in changing their stoma bag and as well in dealing and coping with this new health change.REFERENCEShttp// http//

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