Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Simple Pleasures of Life Bring Happiness Essay -- Happiness Essays

I am obdurate to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater luck of our misery or unhappiness is determined non by our status but by our disposition. -- Martha Washington comfort is non something ready made. It comes from your protest actions. -- Dalai Lama An emotion is an intense feeling. Happiness is one of the many emotions world experience. It may perhaps be the almost important feeling a person discount have and it is the one feeling everyone strives to achieve, yet strangely, for the most part, people seem to only get a glimpse of it. grateful satisfaction, a state of public assistance and contentment are the more salient(ip) elements of happiness. Happiness, known more formally as felicity, is favorable. A state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy and can be employ to almost every kind of enjoyment. It can be defined and characterized in several ways- metaphor ically, by lifes everyday pleasures, and by the behaviors and accomplishments of a happy person. This emotion can be metaphorically compared with expressions such as, the sunshine shining through the rain and the silver lining behind the obscure cloud. These expressions capture the optimistic outlook of happiness, they symbolize hope of a bigger, better and brighter future even in the midst of what could be termed as the darkest hour. Happiness is the essence of life, the wind gently blowing flowers in the pass field, the puppies frolicking in a pile of leaves, and is reflected in the merriment of men. It is exciting, playful, full of estimable cheer and lighthearted and signifies life. It brings the smiles to the faces of children one to ninety-nine. Happiness i... ...e way. Apart from success, goodish health and longevity are associated with happiness. The lightheartedness that accompanies happiness has been said to lower the receive of strokes and heart attacks. Laught er releases tension and add to persons overall sense of well-being. Happiness is not death, or sorrow. It is not gloom, depression or heavy-heartedness. Happiness does not lament nor does it worry. It is neither moody nor pensive, neither wanton nor pessimistic. Happiness does not mourn for what was it instead rejoices in what will be. Happiness comes through good fortune and through loving and being loved. Eating a good meal, being in good health and enjoying the comforts of life can also achieve it. The simple pleasures of life bring happiness, whether it be enjoying a favorite dessert, smelling a rose or running in the rain.O happiness our beings end and aim

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