Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Graduation Speech: Dont Let Them Crush Your Dreams :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

12 years ago we started a journey. Today marks the end of that journey, and the ascendant of another. For some, the road getting here was smooth. For others, the road was rough. But today, we leave only of those rough times behind us. We all set a goal, and at one time we hasten all achieved it. We have succeeded. Those of us who have made it here tonight have passed an immensely crucial milestone in our lives. From this bakshish on our lives ar entirely up to us. We have the power to generate whatever we want, and to do anything we want to. Remember that all day, every hour, and every second which passes is what you make of it. From our last four years at Stanwood High, we have learned some sensible lessons. The first of which is that for every action we take, at that place testament be consequences, good and bad. The discipline we encountered from the hands of the administrators was often nimble and resolute. Secondly, we have all had friendships which werent cemented in stone. In the future, dont be fooled by make up friends as they tend to take advantage of you. In the famous voice communication of our high school principal, Mr. Smith, Dont bring drugs or intoxicant to Stanwood High School. Drugs and alcohol bequeath only get you in trouble. In the days ahead, we will encounter obstacles which must be hurdled. Do not succumb to these roadblocks and do not be fooled by detours. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it belike is. Always remember that if you make a decision by yourself, you are solely responsible for the outcome. And one last word of wisdom, people will always try to stand in the way of your dreams. Whether its your cruel boss, or a jealous person, you must learn to get past them, or else they will always try to bring you down.

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