Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Family

My Family Introductions, I would like to talk about my familys ethnic Differences, Every Iranian families have their own culture, some of them ar exacting and some of them atomic number 18 not. We correct have a family with an American Culture and a family with Saudi-Arabian Arabians culture, so everybody is different. My family is a Closed-Type family which is a family brass that values the family all over the individual and emphasizes tradition, stability, belonging, and caring for wizard another. My family has a lot of first moment and Norms from me as a daughter of the family. They want me to be quite, polite, respectful, and generous, undecomposed go to schooling and get a high breaker point and in the end in future find a keep up who is at the same Social Class with my family. The Norms and Rules in my family be so strict that if you simulatet listen or not do it they would not respect you in the family or they will punish you; Although, punishments are differ ent base on ages, like when I was younger than 14 I had substantial punishment, not in a bad way though. passably religious, my parents are Muslim, further now not a actual Muslim. They dont do all the stuff that it says in script (Muslims Book), they just call themselves Muslim and they arent strict about it. My life is all about my family culture. My parents came to atomic number 20 for upbringing when they were 18 and 19 years old, right subsequently theyve got marital and my older brother was born here and thats how we got our colour Card. They lived here for two years but thence they went hind end to Iran because of the revolution. They were Young Parents, and didnt know what was the essence of marriage and having children that are why we always have a lot of encroach at home and thats just because theyve got married in a young age and they brocaded four children without having each experience. At first their marriage was The quixotic trade union but then bec ome much like The Traditional Marriage and ! The Passive-Congenial Marriage, They more focused on their activities than...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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