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_Comp atomic number 18 ii cultures on their married systems , monogamy versus polygamy or polyandry .docThe marital systems differ sharply in the western culture as comp ared to that of the eastern . Though the dickens cultures treat the marital insane asylum , as true(p) and proper means to enhance take to the woods til now the ways and means these adopt to establish a bridal agreement are most of the times starkly contrasting from each other . Take for example India to set up the east and Canada to west . In India the sexual union of a tidings or daughter is the foremost responsibility of the manlike elder of the family The sustain or grand father of the bride or the ostler arranges the marri ripen though the rest of his family including by and large the senior women of the family assists him a good deal . The he is also responsible to provide finances for the gradation of the rituals of a matrimony that are often actually expensiveDowry is an inevitable and innate part of the marri term and is customarily arranged by the family of the bride . regrettably , it is the size of the component that decides the fate of a marriage in India unlike in Canada . The brides with slim dowry are actually often snubbed and beaten to death especially in the low-income strata of the Indian society . On the contrary the girls with large dowries direct the syndicate of the bridegroom s family and enjoy special privileges and honor , in that paying attention The bridegroom on the other hand also arranges some(a) gifts , though meager in comparison to the dowry mostly , for his wife . While in Canada the marriage is mostly the publication of the two getting married . The spouses are at impropriety to apportion their compatible match . The interference of the rest of the family is totally confine t o their participation in the ritual They fam! ily members be they are the father or mother have but very little say in the matchmaking . Dowry , unlike India , is insignificant and plays no part in deciding the fate of a marriage whether it would be a success or not . The items of dowry include furniture and fixture utensils andPage-1kitchen ware sew in concert and un-sewed clothes for the bride groom mainly and for his family generally ornaments of gold and silver car or motorcycle and if the family is rich a nates new house is also included . While in Canada the dowry is simple and does not cross the extent of humanity called as gift that is usually contributed by the family members and friends of both the spousesIn India the matchmaking is rarely allowed to select a spouses . The girl especially is the selection of her mien partner . The consideration of a mutually enjoyable and hot sexual relation ship is often suppressed by the demand of dowry by the family of the male spouse . The lesser is the age of a girl the greater is her prospects for marriage in a typical Indian household . While in Canada though mostly the wives are younger in age as...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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