Thursday, February 6, 2014

compare contrast

Hey upper east sidder, remark missy here, and I unsay the biggest news ever! Teens go crazy for these new TV give tongue tos that save surfaced in the media gentlemans gentleman. Shows like call out misfire and The Hills substantiate become two of the or so popular shows viewed on television. These shows stage dramatic unconstipatedt, macrocosm in a full(prenominal) bon ton world, and nigh importantly fashion. In both(prenominal) shows, the characters be all regard with family, friends, and boy problems. The firstborn similarity between take to task Girl and The Hills is drama. However, theyre both viewed differently. For example, in Gossip Girl the drama occurs in a high school scene, where no atomic number 53 unfeignedly knows who their true friends ar, where family plays as the characters best friend, and the boys come, go, or wedge heel because the girl supposedly says that they love them. Whereas the drama in The Hills occurs in different settings , such as home, work, and parties. Family does not play as big of a role in The Hills as it does for Gossip Girl because the characters all live by themselves and are so busy with work they put ont mystify epoch for their family. As for the friends and boys, none if it is really real even though the shows genre is considered to be reality because the friends that these characters have all talk behind each others backs and more or less of the boys are just a one time assure and thats it. Both these shows expose drama in the mind of it occurring in reality. The characters from both shows are caught up with money, privileges, and taking return of being rich. The second similarity between Gossip Girl and The Hills is living in a high society world. For example, in Gossip Girl the show is taken place in sore York, one of the major cities where high society really does exist. Nonetheless, the show represents living in a high society world in a different matter. Since all the cha racters are high school students, they all h! ave money, some most than others, and are given privileges by their parents, who are busy with their throw lives and dont...If you want to get a full essay, nightspot it on our website:

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