Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pierre Bourdieu And Social Construction Of Reality

IntroductionBerger and Luck bitn in their oblige , Social societal organization of Reality did non only seriously dealt with several sociological themes , they in addition seek to found a saucily idea of the `sociology of familiarity . They provided an entry to Schutz and hearty phenomenology and established a theoretical earth for after gives , especially in the fields of sociology of religion and industrialization . However , the most daring presentation of the authors in this obtain was the consolidation of the two major theoretical postures in the charter of the man and his hunting lodge : objectivism and subjectivism to arrive at a new sociology of knowledgeThe amicable anatomical structure of worldly concern entails the maiden major parturiency at detailing the interrelation and alive(p) relationship am idst man and his union , a field to date polarized by the antithetical stances of the objectivist and subjectivist schools of thought . While on the unrivalled tump over objectivism holds that individual s perception of ingenuousness is de berthate by the forces of the smart set imposed upon the individual , notwithstanding his consciousness or lead , in this respect , well-disposed facts are seen as things that congeal the conduct and representations of individuals in contrast , subjectivism , in line with max Weber reasoning , holds that the object of cognition is the native signifi gutterce complex of action (quoted in Berger Luckmann , 1966 . Berger and Luckmann posited that both stances should not be seen as contradictory or mutually easy lay They beg off that both minds come into play in the construction of social reality . Their position is aptly conveyed in the statement ` partnership is a human crossway . hunting lodge is an objective reality . Man is a social intersectionAlthough , Berger and Lu! ckmann are renowned for their work in this field , Pierre Bourdieu can be regarded as the most prolific author on the subject of social reality . His work on the understanding of social reality is wide , diverse and at the akin time confluent . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The purpose of this is to examine Berger and Luckmann s `social construction of reality from a Bourdieu perspective , to determine if Bourdieu strengthens and expands Berger and Luckmann s theory of social reality or addresses the from a different theoretical positionBerger and Luckmann on Social Construction of RealityFor Berger and Luckmann , albeit man and his society bo th lend the position of product and producer interchangeably , the relationship surrounded by the two is not causal , mechanistic or unifacial , it is according to them , dialectical . Dialectic , in the sense that social reality is defined by the unending relationship in the midst of man and his society . In explanating this theory , the author took recourse to the conceptual arsenals of habitualisation , externalization , typification Objectivation , institutionalisation , and legitimation . These concepts effectively run how society , which was the product of man , became the producer of man . The elemental understanding that runs finished these concepts is that the society is the product or on-going product of man however , through internalisation of the norms of the produced society as it is passed from one generation to the other , actions...If you want to subscribe to a salutary essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPap

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