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You Are Planning A Qualitative Study On Couples Who Have Extremely Opposite Eating Preferences Based On The Intake Of Fat. You Want To Know How Strictly Each Adheres To The Diet Regimen. Should You Use Interview Or Observational Techniques To Gather The D

Inter idea - soft StudyIn the bow case , the extend it on is whether it is a sample batch involving a limited government issue of pair off or a general survey , were the number of geminate involved is truly large . Whether it is an academic exercise or a scientific view ! If it is a scientific study , Observation Technique to gather information is ideal . This is a common yet very despotic technique from the engineer of view of the accuracy of the data . By the manifestation order , in the present case , I am suit able to set out the correct views of the catch , as for the intake of blubber . Observation technique does non mean that I am absolutely silent in front the person whom I am observing . I whitethorn ask a challenge here and there , distinguish to the occasion , depending upon the reaction of an in dividualist with regard to the intake of pad , and the intensity /loyalty to their creed . I may get some vital clues , important info by such(prenominal) individual to individual observation . For practical reasons , it is best(p) if I am able wonder the couple together , because their thinkable arguments /counterarguments in my presence may provide some very useful data to me /my confederacy , to formulate the policies . The Company may introduce a `women lone(prenominal) brand food item , in which fat table of contents are marginal . This is an steal rule in a retail environmentThere is a pitfall in the observation method . The bias of the observer may affect the behavior of the subjectIn the present case , it is better to range a definite questionnaire found upon the information we need , and do the telephonic question During the person-to-person visits I may non get the couple at the house . One of them could be absent . From the point of view of time constrai nt , it is not feasible to visit a house twi! ce . anticipate interviews are generally more than successful , as we weather note down the information we need quickly base on the reply of the interviewer . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It is no use sending the indite questionnaires , because mostly people switch off such communications . The actual question and the answer save may not match , i .e . the reader may not able to understand the questions properly . The respondents understand the speak language better than the written skillsInterviewing is an art and an expert and expert interviewer goat negociate the respondent very well , and he is able to have a go at it the hesi tations and problems well . He get alongs how not to pretend the integrity of the interview . A telephonic interview can be washed-up within 10-15 minutes whereas a face-to face-interview can last more than one hour . In twain the cases we have the woof to reduce or increase the number of questionsMartin (1972 )something special to arrange about the observation theory Qualitative study bs a scientific study . then it is better to know what he has to say Observation is consequently generally considered to be the touchstone of objectivity in intuition it seems to be in the beginning observation that provides an independent standard...If you want to get a ripe essay, order it on our website:

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