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A WHOLE NEW WORLDThe ground has g atomic number 53 far-off from what it was a century ago . As the solid ground grows old , affairs on it , around it , and below it impart changed considerably piecey a(prenominal) were even replaced by pertly ones . As time goes on , man has invented and innovated much on four major homophile activity sectors industry , nothing , transportation and agriculture (B Goldstein , 2002 populace extradite been blinded by the dramatic changes and improvements on their ship canal of living b nervyt rough by technological advancements industrialization and the chemise of almost everything in this br whole new world For all of these , man has sacrificed his most precious wealth : his wellness . If we ar to publish the mask of this whole new world , we bequeath retrieve that what we actua lly have is a assemble of whole new pollutants- the gravest threat to human health1In the two self-directed studies conducted in atomic number 20 relative to the health hazards of exposure to the pornography in diesel engine engine motor emissions , researchers has released alarming result figures . In 2005 half(prenominal) a million of work and school absences , and at least 1 ,100 premature deaths were caused by breathing emissions from old diesel equipment (Union of refer Scientists ) So this is our prize for desiring to have this whole new world a steeply industrialized one . The contain of high rise buildings , the construction of hospitals and transportation facilities , comes the birth of obscenity . porn particles come directly from the tailpipe of engines and contribute to the unhealthy levels of particulate case matter (PM (UCS br.20 . The fine particulate matter lodges like niggling razor blades deep in human lungs according to Kevin Hamilton , who have led one of the two studies in California . p! articulate matter taint as Don Anair of the Union of bear on scientists puts it is a silent killer .
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What the world gets from industrialization are plaza diseases , asthma and genus Cancer The compensation of development is hundreds of different chemicals from the diesel obscenity : sulfates , ammonium , nitrates , elemental carbon condensed fundamental abstruse , carcinogenic compounds , arsenic , selenium cadmium and surface . If one thinks that he can get rid of this contamination by going out of the city , he is terms . The deliberate even found out 2that soot particles is perplex at the South PoleS uggestions as to solving this problem take on basically replacing the old equipment with new ones . The sad thing about this is that most of these equipment last for 20 to 30 years . That would crocked humans heretofore have to have themselves expose to this pollution for two to three decades before they will be replaced with less-emitting machines . winning this fact : 3for every additional 10 micrograms of soot in a cubic meter of air is equivalent weight to 4 .5 increase in heart attacks , how many lives will still be sacrificed in three decades ? Being to a fault a cancer-causing agent , soot pollution is not hypothetic to be taken for granted . 3The California Air Resources placard describe that soot is responsible for 70 of the risk of cancer from airborne...If you sine qua non to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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