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Exam IV Guide By Ahmed Chowdhury Main Ideas 1. thrall and Western intricacy - The question of whether to admit novel states to amount of money lead to new tensions between the North and southbound over slavery. 2. Mounting military group - Resentment over the via media of 1850 led to a but increase in sectioned tensions. 3. The Opposing sides - The North and the South each had distinct advantages and disadvantages at the beginning of the civil war. separate Terms 1. Wilmot Provico - One of the major(ip) events leading to the American civilized state of war, would have proscribed slavery in any rule to be acquired from Mexico in the Mexican War or in the future,. 2. Conscience Whigs - conclave of the Whig Party in the state of mummy noted for their deterrent example opposition to slavery. They were noted as opponents of the more conservative cotton fiber Whigs who dominated the sta te party, led by such figures as Edward Everett, Robert C. Winthrop, and Abbott Lawrence, whose close association with the New England stuff industry led them to de-emphasize the slavery issue. 3. Legal sensible Act - Authorizing the intake of paper notes to pay the governments bills.
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This ended the long-standing constitution of using merely gold or silver in transactions, and it allowed the government to pay the enormously costly Civil War long subsequently its gold and silver reserves were depleted. 4. meldd States Sanitary fit - A private relief fashion created by national legislation on June 18, 186 1, to support maladjusted and wounded soldi! ers of the U.S. forces during the American Civil War. It operated across the North, brocaded its own funds, and enlisted thousands of volunteers. It was enjoin by Frederick Law Olmsted. 5. Tredegar Iron whole kit and saccharide - a historic iron works in Richmond, Virginia, unite States of America. Opened in 1837, by 1860 it was the third-largest iron manufacturer in the United States. During the American Civil War, the works served as the uncreated iron and...If you want to get a full essay, put it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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