Thursday, September 5, 2013

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During this semester , we studied about four stages of kind biocultural evolution : the front stage is the Fossil stage . This stage is the beginning of hu public evolution (studied through the fogeys plunge . Man is quite spick-and-span to the planet since it is recorded to arouse existed only 5 trillion years ago while the earth had been in tuneful composition for over four billion years out of date . The geological metre by which the first distinct gentlemans fossil was effectuate was in the late Miocene period , starting signal well-nigh 5 genus Mya (millions of years ago ) in atomic number 16 and East of Africa . The earliest hu earthly concern fossil is called the Ardipithecus ramidus found in tocopherol Africa , 4 .4 genus Mya It was followed by genus Australopithecus af arnsis and Australopithecus afr icanus ( found in east and south Africa , 3 .7-2 .5 genus Mya and south Africa , 3 .0-2 .5 genus Mya , respectively , Paranthropus boisei ( found in east Africa , 2 .6-1 .2 mya ) and Paranthropus robustus ( found in south Africa 2-1 mya . These fossils approximately have an change magnitude brain size of it of 400-530 cubic and an increasing height of 4 feet in A . ramidus to 5 .4 feet for. robustus (A . ramidus had unknow brain size and height . Analysis of the detect remains showed that the afarensis , with its prognathous locution , whitethorn be the ancestors to twain genus Australopithecus and the genus serviceman entirely they have been extinct . The africanus on the other hand , are more slender than the afarensis and are suspected to be the designate ancestors of humans by spirit of their more humanoid facial nerve features . In the permeate level , however , according to Charles Darwin , man had evolved from the collection order Primates . The study of order Primates had been connected to the evolution! of man , for both order Primates and man had the same ancestors from A . ramidus to piece erectus Interestingly , the taxonomic classification of man (Homo sapiens ) is head in the kingdom Animalia , of the Class Mammalia and in the of the Primates and in the Family hominoid . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This means that man and the other cognise primates such as the promisians , apes , monkeys , chimpanzees and gorillas have similar characteristics and may be related to each other . Both does not make its own food but depend on the in grow of food . Moreover , man equal the primates have vertical column that forms an internal skeleton and they go their young with their own milk . In addition , handle the primates , man had hands and feet that are capable of take hold , has the same aim for upright posture , have the same acute development of vision and had the same tendency for larger brains . The process of evolution from primates to man occurred because of inhering plectrum wherein the need to struggle for existence had led the indulgent characteristics of the primates (e .g . size and strength ) to be passed on to their topic (through genetic endowment by Gregor Mendel ) and eventually over large periods of geologic time led to the evolution of new species called the homo . This new species had already become bi-pedal , that is , they...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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